Indigenous Homelessness Covid-19 Response Grant - (OPEN)

Closing Date: December, 1, 2021

Application deadlines are: October 1, November 1, & December 1, 2021 @ 11:59PM MST

Further Information

The Government of Canada has recently provided additional funding across Canada through Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy, to help extend and expand the emergency response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This funding is in addition to the over $300 million in funding previously provided to help communities address the impacts of the pandemic.

CHF is proud to continue to support this important investment from the Government of Canada, and to help meet the continued needs of people experiencing homelessness during the ongoing pandemic.  Working in partnership with the Reaching Home Indigenous Community Advisory Board (I-CAB), the objective of this grant opportunity is to fund and support urgent short term (< 6 months) projects that address the unique cultural needs of Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) people experiencing homelessness and housing instability in Calgary.

Funding is provided through Reaching Home’s Indigenous funding stream, with approximately $3 million in funding available for this grant opportunity.  Funding for this opportunity is available for projects beginning October 1, 2021 and will continue until December 1, 2021, or until all funds are allocated.  All funding provided to projects under this opportunity should be substantially expended by March 31, 2022.  As funds are allocated based on their need and impact, and with funding allocated until all funds are expended, some projects may be funded only in part.  This funding is available to all eligible organizations (currently funded by CHF or otherwise).  Applicants can apply for a portion of the funding available or the entire allocation.

Given the ongoing need by agencies and service providers for funding to support urgent and emerging needs as a result of Covid-19, this grant will have application intakes on an ongoing basis with 3 deadlines on October 1, November 1, and December 1, 2021. 

Please see the grant documents above for further information.

Request for Proposals – REF#22078 - (CLOSED)

Eligible Cost Guidelines Research

  • RFP# 22078 ECG Research v01
  • RFP# 22078 Response Form v01
  • 2021 APPENDIX A Self Declaration v01

Further Information

Given CHF’s roll in guiding the fight against homelessness, CHF funds a portfolio of homeless-serving agencies to provide programs to support individuals, families and youth to find and maintain housing.   Eligible Cost Guidelines (ECGs) are fiduciary boundaries created by the CHF and informed by the funding requirements of our funders (Provincial and Federal Governments), to guide funded agencies in developing program budgets. Within those boundaries, a particular guideline of 10% for administrative costs also exists. Administrative activities shall constitute no more than 10% of the total program budget (90% remaining for other client-related program costs). Costs for items deemed ‘administrative’ are specifically ineligible to be claimed in any other section or sub-section of the budget.

Over the years, funded service providers and CHF have had frequent discussion regarding ECGs and administrative costs due to their necessary limiting nature. While due diligence of fiduciary oversight requires CHF to monitor program expenses based on; category, pre-determined boundaries – such as Administrative Cost Ratios, Direct/Indirect Staff Categorization, and Client/Staff Costs – the question emerges: Are they too restrictive and or limiting to support innovation and adaptation to continue meeting the needs of participants in programming? Additionally, the 10% administrative costs have also been questioned whether it is adequate for organizations to meet the necessary supporting infrastructure to allow flexibility or innovation.

CHF also recognizes that the ECGs have not been reviewed or benchmarked since 2017. Since then, the economic landscape and expectations of funded agencies have changed dramatically. Given CHF’s role in the community, we are consistently seeking ways to balance innovation and financial stewardship to align with participants’ ever-changing needs in programming and the service providers who work with them.

To stay current with environmental factors, CHF is seeking answers to the questions posed, and must outline a future state of ECG and administration costs by benchmarking the current state versus the leading practice in the not-for-profit space.

As a next step, CHF must now seek to understand and address its current funding boundaries and work with stakeholders on a more tenable, and structurally sound shift away from austerity dogma. It is the responsibility of the stewardship that CHF holds to grow the space of innovation, respond to a community, and loosen the financial conditions of which they pose to stakeholders.

Through this RFP, CHF has the unique opportunity to partner with an experienced consultant to conduct research, analysis, and to present a comprehensive report with recommendations based on the key issues above.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please see additional details in the documents above.

Request for Proposals – REF#21080 - (CLOSED)

Family Sector Enhancement & Innovation

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  • RFP# 21080 Response Form v01
  • 2021 APPENDIX A Self Declaration v01
  • RFP# 21080 Q&A v01

Further Information

Calgary Homeless Foundation directs funding for innovative and evidence-based solutions for families at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Part of our mandate as a community-based organization with the purpose to guide the fight against homelessness in Calgary is to continually assess investments in programs and services to maximize impact. This ensures that resources are allocated in a purpose-aligned and cost-effective manner to provide a full spectrum of services, solutions, and homes for all Calgarians.

Beginning August 2021, Calgary Homeless Foundation is enhancing its Family Sector Portfolio by re-assessing and re-issuing funding for family-serving agencies in Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care through an open Request for Proposals process.

The objective of this process is to support a full spectrum of innovative approaches aligned with a recovery-oriented system of care, with a goal of using housing as a catalyst for an improved quality of life. Recovery orientation is comprised of positive outcomes in domains of housing, health, financial stability, and community connection.

This enhancement and innovation process marks three invitations to note:

  • An invitation for program design proposals that deliver Adaptive Case Management (ACM) under a stable program contract in place of the current fee-for-service model to preserve the benefits of ACM while decreasing administrative burden on agencies.
  • An invitation for program design proposals that combine prevention, diversion, and rapid-rehousing models in a continuum of services model providing unified Prevention and Diversion.
  • An invitation for program design proposals that unify Prevention and Diversion efforts through a single provider for the Family Sector in a developmental pilot project over the upcoming 24-36 months.

Currently, approximately $5.5 million in funding investments is being considered for this opportunity.  All currently funded program partners are asked to participate in this RFP process if they would like to provide CHF-funded programming past the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  The RFP process is also open to any agency wishing to apply, regardless of current funding status. CHF will solicit and assess these proposals in an open, impartial, and fair manner through our existing RFP processes.

As a result, funding allocations may change upon completion of this RFP. As always, the guiding principle of this enhancement is to ensure all families are supported through any transition, and no family experiences destabilization as a result.

For more information about this opportunity please see the RFP documents above.

Information Session:

An optional information session was held on August 19, 2021.  A copy of the presentation slide deck can be found here.  A recording of this session can be found here.

Notice of Intent:

Proponents interested in this RFP are asked to submit a Notification of Intent to CHF by August 27, 2021 prior to full Proposal submission.  This will help CHF identify potential Proponents for this opportunity. We highly recommend registering notice of intent as we will then be able to inform you of any updates or changes to the RFP process.  CHF may also contact Proponents prior to proposal submission to clarify their intention and proposal.

Please click here to access: Notice of Intent