What is SORCe?

The Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre, or SORCe, is a location where people can access programs and services that address their current situation. SORCe offers information; provides an initial assessment to determine a person’s need; will offer counseling as required; facilitates referrals for individuals to a range of programs and services that respond to their unique circumstances; and transports people to agencies when appropriate.

What is CAA?

Coordinated Access and Assessment is a single program for people experiencing homelessness to access housing services and other system referrals. It is a system-wide program designed to meet the needs of the most vulnerable first by triaging. It creates a more efficient homeless serving system by:

Helping people move through the system faster by reducing the amount of time people spend moving from program to program before finding the right match
Reducing new entries into homelessness by consistently offering prevention and diversion resources up front.

Improving data collection and quality providing accurate information on what kind of assistance consumers need.

What is the Needs and Services Questionnaire?.

The NSQ (Needs and Services Questionnaire) is a tool used to determine the client’s needs and can be applied in the System of Care in a standardized and methodical way. This questionnaire helps prioritize client need to determine the program best suited to the specific needs of each client. The process is to ensure fairness in placements with the focus on serving those with the longest history of homelessness and other vulnerability factors first and to accurately match the client to resources. For more information on the NSQ please see the HMIS section, these can be found under Forms & Assessments, listed as unique VI SPDATs by sector for CAA.

What are Placement Committees?

The purpose of Placement Committees is to review the completed NSQs for triaging. Placement Committees are comprised of CHF-funded agencies and System Partners to create a Collaborative Service Delivery Group. Committees for Youth, Families, and Adults meet each week to match clients based on availability, chronicity and vulnerability factors, best fit, and client choice.

How long will it take to get housing after completing an NSQ and Housing Plan?

Completing the NSQ with the CAA Team at SORCe or a CAA door agency will guarantee the client is entered into placement consideration. It does not guarantee housing or placement in a program. This is not a typical “wait list”, but rather about best possible match based on client needs and availability of services. Additionally, clients are applying to be accepted into a housing and case management program – not just housing. They will need to participate in case management, meaning they will be assigned a worker that will visit them in their home on a weekly basis to work on client identified goals.

What is a door agency?

Some agencies act as a door into CAA and have staff working as Housing Strategists. These Housing Strategists act as members of the larger CAA team and are coordinated by CHF. They are trained on the NSQ, Housing Plan, and Prevention and Diversion resources and strategies serving the HSSC as a whole.

How is client information protected?

The protection of client information is governed by FOIP. The CAA program adheres to these principles and policies both in verbal sharing of information and the securing of hardcopy and electronic storage of information. Client information will not be released to any person, agency, organization or institution except by a legal subpoena or by the expressed consent of the client by way of a Release of Information.