Calgary Homeless Foundation serves as the authoritative guide on the fight against homelessness. As part of this role, provincial and federal governments, philanthropists, and grant partners trust us to partner with and steward funding to the agencies that make up Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care, so they can provide a spectrum of services to people experiencing homelessness.

We fund more than 50 programs, delivered by over 25 agencies, that serve people experiencing homelessness, including Indigenous peoples, families, youth and women. In 2019/20, we received a total of $61,078,665 and allocated $57,024,413 towards housing with supports programs, support services, and one-time projects aimed at solving homelessness in our city.

We steward this funding through a variety mechanisms:

  • Agreements with orders of government and other donors;
  • Contracts awarded through public, competitive and accountable processes to agencies that implement the programs and services, and
  • Other public calls for application processes.

Our cutting-edge data and research allows us to identify gaps in the system of care and to fund programs and services that address those gaps, as well as those that are continuing to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness. In this way, we help agencies assist people at every stage of the journey home.