The Homeless Management Information System, or HMIS, is an electronic data management system that provides vital insights on homelessness to our agency partners, while helping Calgary Homeless Foundation allocate resources for highest impact and outcomes.

HMIS empowers agencies to track key indicators on homelessness so they can deliver and maximize benefits to people experiencing homelessness. Key indicators include a person’s age, health, employment, and housing status.

Agencies enter key indicators into HMIS when they perform an initial intake of a participant, and they continue to update it as the person receives services and after follow-up assessments.

As part of our role in guiding the fight against homelessness, staff at Calgary Homeless Foundation perform five main functions in relation to HMIS:

  • Provide training on how to use it.
  • Provide ongoing tech support to HMIS users.
  • Pull HMIS data to help meet requirements of our funders.
  • Provide data and analysis to our staff, who monitor performance of programs we fund.
  • Share data with external researchers.

For more information on the HMIS system or accessing data, please email

Thank You to Our Funders

We want to thank the funders of the HMIS:

  • Anonymous Donor
  • The Calgary Foundation Community Grant
  • Government of Alberta, Ministry of Human Services
  • NOVA Chemicals Corporation

A Special Thank You

Special thanks to ConocoPhillips Canada for donating laptop computers for use in HMIS trainings!

ConocoPhillips Canada